Stanford at The Tech

Learn genetics with a Stanford scientist! 
Weekday mornings in the BioDesign Studio

The Stanford Department of Genetics offers graduate students the chance to work with visitors at the Tech. They help guide visitors through hands-on activities, answer questions about genetics, and improve their science communication skills! For more on this program, check out the official Stanford page

Six different activities are offered on a rotating basis weekday mornings from 10am - noon.

Take your DNA home in a necklace!
Learn about DNA and cells while purifying your own DNA

Look at your cheek cells under a microscope, and take a picture home!
Learn about cells, DNA, and microscopes while taking a closer look at the cells inside your mouth

Solve a crime using DNA forensics
Learn about (and use!) the tools biologists use every day, including pipettes, agarose gels, and electrophoresis. In the process, figure out which of three suspects is the true criminal!

Learn about different traits, including bitter taste
Ever wondered why some people hate the taste of broccoli? Test out your bitter taste abilities, and learn about dominant/recessive genes

Play a game to discover why most people can drink milk
Learn why some people can drink milk, and some can't! This game explores how natural selection led to lactase persistence in some groups of people.

Learn how CRISPR/Cas9 can be used to change the DNA of a living organism
Learn why CRISPR is, why it's so cool, and how it can be used to change DNA of a living organism

Looking for your yeast CRISPR results? Click here to find your plate!