Yeast CRISPR Results: DNA

(Wikimedia Commons)


DNA: Life's Instructions

DNA is the instructions for life. DNA is in every living thing. It is in humans, dogs, cats, snakes, trees, and even yeast, that special ingredient in bread.

DNA is like a recipe book. It is filled with recipes that if followed will make a living thing.

These recipes are written in a special language. Instead of having 26 letters like the English language, DNA only has 4 letters, A, T, C, and G.

These letters are known as the DNA bases. These four bases write out all of the instructions to build you, your family pet, the trees, and even yeast!

But what if we want to change one of these recipes? What if your recipe for brownies left out the most important ingredient, chocolate?

Sometimes our DNA has mistakes like this and it can lead to disease, like cancer or sickle cell anemia. What if we could fix these mistakes?

Turns out what you did in yeast, changing its instructions, is the same idea as fixing genetic mistakes that can lead to disease. Do what you did in people instead of yeast and you might cure that person. That’s the hope anyway.

Click here to learn how we can use CRISPR/Cas9 to fix these mistakes.











This is the DNA recipe for the ADE2 gene, the one you changed in yeast. Click here to learn why your change made the yeast turn red.